Welcome To My Portfolio

I will present you a summary of my skills and my projects.

My name is Vincent PERA, I am a student in Master's degree in Computer Science for Video Games Development at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi.
I am from an engineering school, INSA Toulouse (France), and I am doing my last year of study in Chicoutimi.

I am currently looking for a six-months internship for my graduation as a Gameplay Programmer or Tools Programmer for the fall of 2018.

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About My Skills

Thanks to my training, I became proficient in low level programming languages ​​as in high level programming languages.
For my own experience, I developed mobile apps. I was able to improve my Android and iOS user interface as well as local and remote database communication.

  • Java / C# / Xamarin
  • C / C++
  • Unity3D
  • SQL / SQLite / PostgreSQL
  • Github / Bitbucket
  • Android and iOS development

A Few Accomplishments

During my studies, I realized several projects in a personal and professional context.
I present my different projects below.

Penguin Panic !

Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2018
Award of the Best Technical Challenge and Innovation

During Winter 2018, I participate with the UQAC team at the Ubisoft Montréal Game Lab Competition. During this competition, we need to develop an online multiplayer video game in 2 months. This year, the main theme is Change The World.
Our game, Penguin Panic, is about the global warming. We are playing a colony of penguins in Arctic which are trying to reassemble the North Pole at its right position, this last having drifted after ice melting.

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NightLive is a personal project on iOS and Android which allows a user to find nightclubs around him according to his criteria.
This app is planned for the Summer 2018.

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Deltazone is an iOS and Android app which checks the feasibility of a real-time landing aboard a helicopter.
This app is in testing phase and will be released in 2018.


7EVEN is an iOS and Android app ordered by DJ 7EVEN to inform his followers about his tour dates in the clubs, his various news or his mixes.
This app is released since January 2018.

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Artificial Intelligence : RAVEN

RAVEN is an artificial intelligence developed as part of the course 8AIR125: Artificial Intelligence for Video Games.
This artificial intelligence, coded in C++, directs bots in clashes between teams or alone, with fuzzy logic uses in choice of weapons.
A bot learning with a neural network is also available.

Contact Me

If you want to contact me, you can fill in the form below or mail me at contact@pera-vincent.fr .