Penguin Panic !

Presentation of our game realized for the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2018.

Award of the Best Technical Challenge and Innovation
Nominee for Award of the Best Quality of the “3C” (camera, characters and controls)
Nominee for the Jury’s Special Award

During Winter 2018, we have realized, in team of 8 developers and in 10 weeks, a multiplayer online video game. The main theme of the Game Lab is Change The World.

Penguin Panic happened in 2042, human activity continued to expand and global warming increased at the same time. The Arctic, essential for the good behavior of the Gulf Stream and world climate, falls apart and threatens the regulation of our planet. But scientists in the waning ice region note that penguins are gathering in colonies to stem the melting of the pack ice. They go in search of the North Pole to bring it back to its exact position. Scientists take advantage of the situation to raise awareness by broadcasting live settlements to a streaming website : .

In our game, you control the leading penguin of your colony, with the help of other penguins, bring the North Pole adrift to its original position to stem the melting ice. The more quests you complete, the more spectators you will bring back to your live stream, and you will receive donations to raise the awareness.

You will have to eat fish to increase your colony, bring polar bears to your glacier to save them from drowning, etc...

From a technical point of view, the game was developed with Unity3D using assets available in the Unity Asset Store.

Personally, I worked mainly on the gameplay of the game especially on the mechanics of the leading penguin as the Slide, as well as on the polar bears with their interactions with the world and the main glacier.

I also worked on the network using Photon PUN to obtain a multiplayer network game using a Master player - Slave player strategy to synchronize the two players.

Download the game card
Download the game