Presentation of my personal project linking clubs with clubbers.

NightLive is a personal iOS and Android mobile app project allowing users to find the nightclubs around him.

The user has the choice to create a specific account for the mobile app or to use his Facebook account to access the app.

Once in the app, the user accesses a map of all the nightclubs around him, he can move on the map to choose the nightclub of his choice.

By clicking on a nightclub, the user can access the details of the club like address, user rating, comments or pictures. The user can rate a club and post a comment. He can send his pictures on the app too.

The app has an administrator interface allowing the identified people to manage the comments and the clubs as well as to moderate the proposed pictures.

This app was first developed in Java with Android Studio, using Firebase technology of Google. It will be translate in C# this summer 2018 to be available on iOS and Android devices using Xamarin technology.

We are using a remote server that uses a mySQL database to store all users and nightclubs informations.

Access to the website