Presentation of my project linking DJ 7EVEN with his fans.

7EVEN is a personal iOS and Android mobile app project allowing users to find informations on DJ 7EVEN about his tour, mixes, biography, etc ...

The user has all the information regarding DJ 7EVEN without logging in.

The user accesses the tour of the DJ as fast as the DJ has updated them with the administrator interface.

The user can access the biography of the DJ, the online presskit and a contact form if he wants more informations.

The app has an administrator interface allowing the identified people to manage the tour dates, news and proposed mixes in the app.

This app was developed in C# to be available on iOS and Android devices using Xamarin technology. It uses the Spotify API to get the available mixes and propose them on the app.

We are using a remote server that uses a mySQL database to store all the DJ informations.